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Celebrating Valentine’s Day Early

I have been so impressed with how good Rudy has been since we have gotten back to the apartment. Normally we go on at least one long walk a day or to the dog park but recently we have been cooped up in the house. So since I couldn’t take him somewhere nice for Valentine’s Day (he’s only 7 pounds – even with a sweater he still shivers outside!), I decided to buy him his first Puppuccino! Yes, there is a drink at Starbucks just for dogs (sample size cup filled with whipped cream). Rudy absolutely LOVED every lick of it and even tried to run away with the cup before I could take the cap off! It was fun to see him enjoy his little treat and to do a photo shoot of him. Normally he is quite photogenic but it was hard to get a good picture as he was so engrossed in the whipped cream (still managed to get a couple though!).

We are going to continue the celebration tonight by going home to eat an early Valentine’s dinner with my family. I’m excited to see them and eat a nice home cooked meal! We couldn’t think of anything very festive to make so we are having spinach ravioli – YUM! Rudy will also be thrilled to go to his “grandparents” house and see his “Uncle” Kodiak (my parent’s dog). They have so much fun chasing each other and rolling on the floor. So, this will be another surprise gift for him!

On Sunday, I will be celebrating with my co-workers and residents of the continued care retirement community where I work. I saved my matching pink scrubs to wear and I’m sure we will also be decorating the dining and living rooms so it should be a fun day! It is always very special to care for the people that live there but holidays spent together are always that much more special.

I hope everyone has a special Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy. Make sure to celebrate your loved one’s this Valentine’s Day! (Parents, pets and friends count too – not just significant others!) Even just a quick text can change someones day!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Matching Starbucks drinks!
Matching Starbucks drinks!


Running off before I could even open the cup!
Running off before I could even open the cup!






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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Valentine’s Day Early

  1. That is so cute that Starbucks offers little dog drinks like that! And Rudy looks adorable while enjoying it! It makes me miss Buddy so much more, but I hope you continue to have an awesome Valentine’s Day weekend Leah!

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