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Visiting The Badlands National Park!

Originally when Ian and I mapped out our road trip we planned on stopping at Mount Rushmore and The Badlands on the same day since they are about an hour apart. However, we underestimated how much time we would take at the parks and arrived at The Badlands at dusk. The roads are very curvy through the park and we would have missed all of the scenery so we turned around and drove back to Rapid City, South Dakota (about 45 miles – yes, that was the closest city) to stop for the night. The view the next morning was definitely worth the backtracking! South Dakota is mostly rolling hills and flat plains so the huge rock formations were quite amazing. We saw so much wildlife (mountain goats, deer, prairie dogs – we even heard coyote howling!) that were all so acclimated to humans that you could get pretty close before they would run off. Unfortunately we didn’t see any buffalo this time which just means we will have to visit again! The Badlands hold a lot of history including many fossils which are still being found to this day. Ian and I stopped at the museum and at different points along the drive to learn about these prehistoric animals. They have fossils of a three-toed horse and a small animal that is a relative of the modern dog that looks just like Rudy. Before we left we made sure to pick up another mug and magnet! The Badlands is such an accessible park since you can literally drive right through it without getting out of your car and see most of everything. It is a must see in my opinion! Please leave a comment if you have ever been; I would love to hear about your trip!

Check out The Badlands National Park here

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IMG_1286 (2)
A sign before entering the park informed us that these Prairie Dogs have the plague!! It is a different variation than the Bubonic Plague but it is still spread by fleas and can be spread to humans! We took this picture on zoom and stayed in our car!! If you look closely you can see tufts of their hair missing.


This mountain goat was the one out of the herd that the park is tracking – you can see the collar around his neck!
Beware of the mud! It caked on our shoes and was a pain to get off



We took the highway through the park which is over 20 miles long – this is the view for the majority of the drive
The different layers can be seen easily here by the different colors on the rocks


Can you see the mountain goat?


Our rental car that we were so lucky to rent from Hertz – great customer service!!
Up in a cloud! We drove through many clouds in South Dakota. It is a very odd experience!


Ian thought this spire looked like the Egyptian Sphinx – what do you think?

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