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Dog Walking 101


Hey guys! This weeks blog is all about dog walking etiquette! As many of you know, I have a year and a half old chiweenie pup that is super energetic and goes with me practically everywhere! I was prompted to write this blog after I was urged by Rover.com (more about this company below!)  to give my input on how I walk my little Rudy! Since I am doggy obsessed I agreed to contribute and below are the tips I use everyday 🙂 I truly hope they help you all!!

Walking on trails with your dog

Rudy LOVES to run after bikes. Not only can this be dangerous but it also can appear as aggressive behavior. The best way I have found to combat Rudy’s urge to run is to ask him to sit when I see a bike approaching. I squat down with him while we wait for the bike to go by and pet him to encourage him to sit still. After the bike goes by I will either give him a treat (if I have any on hand) or tell him “good boy!” and we will keep walking. This usually does the trick and can be a nice break if you are going on a long walk!

I have very mixed feeling about seeing an owner walking with their dog off leash. For a good rule of thumb, I would not recommend having your dog off leash on trails. In most parks this is not even allowed but inevitably someone will break the rules. Some dogs are very well trained and listen to their owners to stay close and not run at other dogs and people but even the best trained dogs can be unpredictable. It is not safe to assume that everyone you pass on your walk will be a dog lover and they may be frightened by the sight of your dog off it’s leash. There may also be other dogs walking the trail that are not dog friendly which could start a fight. To keep yourself and your pup safe, I would recommend always keeping your dog on their leash!

Feel free to encourage playing and running when it is just you and your dog. Rudy and I both enjoy running when no one else is in sight on the trails by my apartment. Sometimes we even go off trail and into the streams and follow deer tracks. On days when it is just Rudy and I, I tend to let Rudy lead, which is makes every walk different and enjoyable for you and  your pup!

Walking in the city or on busy streets

It is imperative to keep your dog on a short leash when walking by busy streets. Dogs sometimes have a tendency to run sporadically into the road and cars/bikes/buses are not expecting to slam on their brakes for a rouge dog in their path. To keep both your dog and others safe make sure that your dog only has enough slack to walk by your side comfortably. 

As mentioned earlier, most dogs don’t understand the dangers of walking near a busy road. I try to always make sure that I am walking closest to the street and that Rudy is on the other side of me, away from the road. This means that if he does decide to bolt into the road that he will have to cross me and will not be able to make it into the street easily.

Sometimes sidewalks can become very clustered with pedestrians and other dogs. For the most part I continue to keep Rudy’s leash short and have him walking on the side of me that is farthest away from the road. However, if sidewalk traffic starts becoming too overwhelming I will pick up Rudy and hold him until things calm down. I know not everyone can pick up their dogs but since Rudy is so short to the ground I do worry about him getting caught up under someone’s unsuspecting feet. Bigger dogs are more easily seen and can navigate crowds easier but if you start to feel too overwhelmed you can always pull your dog over to the side of the road and wait it out!

Dog Park Etiquette

Do not assume that all dogs at the dog park are friendly. A common misconception about the dog park is that all dogs there are going to be nice and receptive to both humans and other dogs. While most people do bring dogs that get along great with others, some people do bring their more aggressive pets. Always ask before petting or letting your dog play with another dog. It is important to keep your dogs on a leash if the owner is not sure of how the interaction will go to make sure that you will be able to easily pull your dog away in case of an emergency. 

Ease your dog into the dog park. Because Rudy is so small (about 7 pounds) I always try to go to dog parks that have an area for small dogs to play. However, sometimes there are no dogs in the small dog designated area and Rudy will cry the entire time wanting to be with the dogs on the other side of the fence. If this is the case, I make sure to ask the owners of the larger dogs how their dogs do with smaller dogs. If they say they do well with all dogs, I will take Rudy over to their side and let them play. Sometimes an owner will even be willing to bring their dog over to the smaller dog area so that Rudy will have a companion. I know it is tempting, but even if one owner says their dog does not do well with smaller dogs, please never put your dog in a potentially dangerous situation. Instead opt for playing fetch or chase or even going for a walk around the park. There are many ways to tire your dog out and it is always good to get in your exercise as well! 

Thank you for reading up on my dog walking tips! I would love to hear yours in the comments below!  And lastly, if you are looking for a trusty dog walker in your area check out Rover’s dog walking services where they have thousands of trusty locals that can help you out in a pinch!


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Stay Fierce Boutique Review

For those of you that have been asking about the beautiful dress that I wore at The Biltmore, I finally have this blog post for you!! I bought this dress at Stay Fierce Boutique which has the most gorgeous dresses and rompers for everyday and special occasion wear (For GREAT prices!! $20 – $35!!). In these pictures I am wearing the Oceanista Maxi Dress but I will also link similar ones below if you are interested!

I personally styled this dress pretty simply, with only a delicate bracelet and necklace with brown and gold sandals since I knew we’d be outside most of the day. However, I also think it would look gorgeous with a statement necklace and wedges to dress it up! This dress plunges down pretty low in the front and back so I opted to wear nipple covers so I did not have any bra lines showing. However, a cute bralette would also look great with this dress! (I have a navy one that I plan on pairing with this dress soon for a night out!)

I have a coupon code if any of you are interested in placing an order that will give you 15% off your whole purchase!! Just use the code LOVELEAH 🙂 Enjoy all the pictures below, including more of The Biltmore!

back of leah's dress biltmore

Isn’t the back of this dress fabulous!!? 

in front of Biltmore

Feeling like an absolute princess!leah sitting in dress IMG_2588IMG_2564IMG_2521

Yes, that is my camera bag that I’m holding like a purse 😛 Real life of a blogger!!

One of the most colorful and unique rooms in the Biltmore house!

Inside the bowling alley IN the Biltmore! It was not automatic so someone had to stand by the pins to push the ball back! (Sorry for the lighting, everything is pretty dark inside – plus we were in the basement!)IMG_2539

Love these shoes from Target! They are cute and comfortable for a day of walking.IMG_2540

Chocolate covered Oreo – Yum!!

Leaving the Biltmore and the Blue Ridge Mountains… we will be back soon!


P.S. Thank you to my sweet boyfriend for taking these pictures for me!

Similar dresses and rompers at Stay Fierce Boutique: hereherehere (most similar)here

Shoes that I wore from Target: here


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April Ipsy Bag Review – Biltmore Edition!


This month, I decided it would be fun to take pictures of my Ipsy bag at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC!  I will have many blog posts up showing what I wore while we were there and showing the inside of this massive mansion. Make sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss those posts!! Now on to the bag… I don’t love the design of the bag this month. For some reason it looks cheaper than bags from previous months. I’ll probably pass it on or donate it because I have quite a large collection now! However, just because the bag was a dud doesn’t mean that I didn’t absolutely love my bag this month!!



I’m wearing the nail polish, Lip Surgence and eyeshadow that I received in these pictures!

Tarte Cosmetics – LipSurgence lip crème in Wonder


I am a big fan of Tarte lip products and was happy to get this in my bag. It is creamy and the color is perfect for summer! However, with the matte and liquid lip trend it is quite odd wearing a lipstick that is creamy and will actually wear off after eating! I definitely have been reaching for it often though and am thinking about purchasing another LipSurgence lip creme!

Sample size – 0.05 ounces $12

Full size – 0.1 ounces for $24

Check out this lip creme here

Luxie Beauty – Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522


I almost screamed when I saw I would be receiving this brush!! I fell head over heels in love with Luxie brushes when I got one in a previous Ipsy bag and I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get this highlighting brush! Once again, it is super soft, blends like a dream and I can’t wait to use it every day!

Full size- $24

Check out this highlighter brush in rose gold here

Probelle – Nail Lacquer in “In Or Out”


leah with flowers edit

This color is really beautiful (it is also my favorite color so I may be a bit biased :P). I was very impressed with how the polish applied and lasted on my nails. I have been wearing it for about two weeks to see how well it would last and while they are chipped, a lot of color still remains on my nails! I already have a large nail polish collection but for those of you looking for a good quality nail polish on a budget, I’d suggest checking out Probelle.

Full size – $6

Check out this polish here

Nomad Cosmetics – NOMAD X Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow in Desert Sands



I was quite skeptical when I saw this product because it was much smaller in person than I expected. However, that being said, I am so in love with this eyeshadow!! You HAVE to use it wet and it is amazingly gorgeous! I put it all over my lid and blended it into my crease and there was so much dimension in that one shadow that I just used this one color. I cannot wait to purchase more of their shadows in the future and watch their brand grow!

Sample size – 0.05 ounces ~$3.72

This product comes in a palette with six other eyeshadows, travel size mascara, kohl eyeliner and a dual-ended brush sold for $47. The eyeshadows in the palette are 0.07 ounces

Check out Nomad cosmetic’s collaboration with Marrakesh here

Moroccanoil – Moroccanoil Treatment


This product just didn’t work for me. Adding extra oil to my already naturally oily hair just made it look worse. I used it a few times on the ends of my hair and every time I felt as if I needed to wash my hair by the end of the night. I could see this product being great for someone that has dry or heat damaged hair but I would advise skipping it otherwise.

Sample size – 0.33 ounces $4.27

Full size – 3.4 ounces $44

Check out Moroccanoil here

This isn’t my favorite bag that I’ve ever received, since I can’t use one of the products, but I still got my money’s worth! The total worth of products that I got was almost five times the amount that I payed which makes me very happy. 🙂 This would honestly have been the best Ipsy bag ever if I could have just swapped out that hair oil!!

Total price I paid for the bag: $10

Total value of the bag: $49.99

If you want to sign up for a monthly subscription with Ipsy, please use my referral link here and we both get points toward an extra product in our bags 🙂


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Styling A Summer Dress From Target

leah in target dressI recently bought this dress at Target and was inspired to write a blog showing how I would style it. Fit and flare dresses are incredibly versatile and perfect for warmer weather. I personally paired mine with a bralette but a strapless bra would work as well if you don’t want any extra straps showing. I challenged myself in putting both of these outfits together by only shopping at Target, so everything in this look book is affordable! I hope you enjoy the pieces I put together!

You can find this dress in Target stores and also here
Women's Floppy Hat with Tassels Trim Tan - Merona™

Women's Venice and Violet™ by Dogeared Heart Charm Y Necklace Plated in 14K Gold - Gold (16"+ 2")Women's Edyth Gladiator Sandals - Merona™

I am definitely more of a comfy girl when it comes to fashion so this outfit is my favorite of the two. I am so obsessed with this floppy hat! It would look adorable with braided pigtails (pancaked for added volume, of course!). I added this dainty necklace since the neckline is so high on the dress that anything too long would look out of place. A small choker necklace would look adorable as well! The gladiator sandals add a bit of pizzazz and can be re-worn over and over throughout the spring and summer. I love the gold zipper detailing! This would be the prettiest outfit to wear all summer long!

Check out the products I mentioned!

Hat here                     Necklace here                   Brown gladiator sandals here

Women's Fashion Necklace with Simulated Pearls - Silver/White (19.5")Women's Meredith Espadrille Sandals - Merona™ - TanWomen's Structured Crossbody With Detachable Shoulder Strap - BEIGE NUDE

To spice this dress up, I focused on a chunky statement necklace that would compliment the high neckline. I love pairing pears and floral’s, it adds such a girly touch to any outfit! I added this small nude crossbody which would be great for holding all of your essentials for a night out or a special event. I chose the wedges for some added height and because they were just too cute not to include in this look book! I am already quite tall so I do not wear heels very often but even I would love to have these shoes! It’s also great for a woman that feels more comfortable in heels than flats!

Check out the products I mentioned:

Necklace here                 Wedges here               Crossbody here

This is a different type of blog than I have done in the past so I would love your guy’s feedback! Love it? Have suggestions? Please, comment below!! Also please subscribe to my blog as I am working really hard on having good content to post every week!

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