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Taking a Self Health Day

As I have been learning about how to cope with my anxiety, I have become a big fan of taking self health days. These days consist of allowing myself to take a breather and relax. I choose to work on myself and bettering my health before doing anything else. I have been learning how important it is to make your emotional health and sanity your number one priority and while every day is different I am doing my best to better myself! I thought I’d share what I like to do on these days and I’d love to know in the comments how you like to pamper yourself!

P.S. Everything that is in green is a link to a product that I have mentioned! ūüôā

Bubble Baths:

I find baths to be so relaxing. I make the water as hot as I can stand it and stay in until it starts to get cold. I use this lavender bubble bath that I bought at Walmart because it was on sale but I actually have really enjoyed using it. It makes the whole room smell like lavender and makes quite a lot of bubbles! I also will light candles if Rudy is already in his kennel for the night and take that time to wind down from the day.




Face Masks:

I have been getting more into skin care recently and have been exploring the world of face masks. I picked up two Studio 35¬†masks a few months back and while I don’t think they are anything special, they are still fun to use. I have the cucumber peel-off mask¬†and the¬†mint clay mask¬†both of which you can buy at Walgreen’s. When I get out of the bath, I like to wash my face with this¬†cleanser,¬†also from Walgreen’s, which gives a nice minty, tingly feeling to the skin.

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Watching TV:

Recently, my guilty pleasure has been The Bachelor! I try to watch it live each week but if I miss it, I Hulu¬†it ASAP. I’m team Lauren B. all the way!! Between episodes I also like pretty much any show on¬†TLC and HGTV.

Cuddling with Rudy:

Of course, I cannot forget about spending time with my little puppy! He brings me so much joy and happiness and I love cuddling up with him and getting puppy kisses!

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Welcome to Learning to Love Leah!

I cannot believe I am finally posting my first blog!! Since I started college in 2013, I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos, vlogs and reading blogs. So, now three years later, I have decided to start my own blog! I am a twenty year old college student and part-time nursing assistant.  School has consumed most of my life for years and recently I have been learning how to relax and find joy outside of academics. Through this blog I hope to document the new and exciting moments of my life as I explore myself. I have recently developed a fascination with fashion and beauty, discovering a creative side I thought I had lost in elementary school. I have gained confidence in traveling and am loving exploring nature and new places. I have found motivation to get dressed, clean my apartment and take care of my body.

These changes did not happen overnight but took time. As I mentioned previously, I have always succeeded in school. But, to do so, I focused all of my¬†energy in my assignments. I would study for hours, days, weeks and still not feel confident in knowing the material. I have vivid memory of doing my homework and sobbing (as young as middle school) because I felt as if I had no energy and no motivation but my conscience would not let me stop. My brain felt as if it was being assaulted¬†but I had a loving family, wonderful friends and was successful. Nothing made sense. It began to get too overwhelming and in high school I started distancing myself from everyone, pouring more time into my challenging class schedule.¬†After still struggling to find happiness in college, I accepted the help of a counselor and was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and mild depression. When the sessions weren’t enough I began medication to clear my mind of the fog that had taken¬†residence there¬†for years. I still have bad days but I am finding myself happier than I have been in years. I am proud of myself and where I am going with my life. My family, boyfriend and dog (yes, my dog has helped me in SO many ways!) have been my biggest support through everything and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

With all that aside, this blog will not focus on my anxiety and depression. I am realizing that I am much more than those two words and plan to focus on the positivity of my life. Since I have finally acquired a professional quality camera (Best Christmas gift ever from my boyfriend!) I feel prepared to take another leap in my life and start this lifestyle blog. I would love to take you along for my journey in self-discovery as I learn to love Leah.

Working after Christmas Eve Service. I helped decorate the dining room with snowflakes for a Christmas Day surprise!
Working after Christmas Eve Service. I helped decorate the dining room with snowflakes for a Christmas Day surprise!
Taken before Christmas Eve Service with my dog, Rudy.
Taken before Christmas Eve Service with my dog, Rudy.
With my boyfriend, Ian, at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
With my boyfriend, Ian, at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND


























































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