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Visiting Mount Rushmore!

Before we left the Dakota’s Ian and I decided that we had to stop at Mount Rushmore. I was driving and Ian kept joking that he saw it and every time I would look it wouldn’t be there. However, when we could finally see George Washington peaking his head through the trees I was got so excited that I screamed and even cried. To believe that so many people sculpted and built this massive rock statue is beyond comprehension. It is truly a wonder of this world. By the time we actually made it to the park it was about dusk (5:30ish) and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  One of the Park Rangers was kind enough to lend us binoculars so we could see all the fine details of the statue, including sensors placed to track the pressure being placed on the rocks (the most obvious one is on Abraham Lincoln’s hairline). Before we left, we picked up a mug and a magnet and decided that will be our tradition from now on when we visit new places. We both hope to go back someday to spend more time in the area as there is quite a lot to do! I have attached picture from our trip below, I hope you enjoy them! 

P.S. My blog on the Badlands National Park is coming soon!!

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Mount Rushmore website here

mount Rushmore entry
From far away the statue looks quite small (like this) but up close it is definitely much larger!



The statue took many years and needed many workers to be built that they actually made their own baseball team!
ian and leah at mount Rushmore edit
Phone quality picture
ian and leah mount Rushmore phone edit closer
Picture from my Canon camera! Much more clear and detailed!

mount Rushmore edit

mount Rushmore farther edit

leah in front of mt rushmore edit

leah with flags and statues edit

mama and baby deer edit

Right as we were leaving the park we saw this sweet mother and baby duo right next to the road! Ian got this great picture!

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